Butterfly Species – Langston

Butterfly Species Observed On Albany Hill, Alameda County

Robert L. Langston, Albany Hill butterfly expert

by Robert L. Langston

18 Nov. 1995 through 13 Nov. 1996

Key: Latin name, common name, larval hosts, and early/late dates.


Erynnis Tristis, MOURNFUL DUSKY–WING, Coast Live Oak Tree. 10 April May, June, July, August, Sept 18

Pyrgus Communis, COMMON CHECKERED SKIPPER, Checker-bloom Mallow, Bull Mallow, Cretan Lavatera. 10, April, May, July, Aug. 18 Sept.

Hylephila Phyleus, FIERY SKIPPER, Grasses, especially Bermuda Grass 8 May, Aug., Sept., 29/Sept.

Polites Sabuleti, SANDHILL SKIPPER, grasses, especially Saltgrass. 22 April/ May, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., /6 Nov.

Ochlodes Sylvanoides, WOODLAND SKIPPER, grasses, especially, fescues, and ryegrass. 5 July/ Aug., Sept./25 Sept.

Paratryone Melange, UMBER SKIPPER, grasses, especially lawns, and hairgrass, bermuda grass. 3 Apr./ May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., /6 Nov.


Battus Philenor Hirsuta, HAIRY PIPE-VINE SWALLOWTAIL, no hosts on Albany Hill. Disperses Long distances from its California Pipe-vine host, possibly from Brooks Island. 3 Apr./ May, Aug. Sept. /15 Sept. (hill-topping only)

Papilio Zelicaon, ANISE SWALLOWTAIL, Gennel, Cow Parsnip. 11 Feb./ Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, /6 Nov./21 Dec. ’95.

Pterourus Rutulus, WESTERN TIGER SWALLOWTAIL, Arroyo Willow, Western Sycamore. 20 Mar/ Apr, May, June, July, Aug, /18 Sept.

Pterourus Eurymedon, PALE SWALLOWTAIL, California Coffeeberry, 10 Apr./6/June. Scarce, a single male each date. (Host scarce on A.H.)


Pieris Napi Venosa, VEINED WHITE, Milk Maids, Watercress. 10 Apr/ 1 female “stray” along Cerrito Creek.

Pieris Rapae, CABBAGE WHITE, Field Mustard, Black Mustard, Wild Radish, Nasturiium. 11 Feb./ Mar, Apr., May, June, July, Aug, Sept. /15 Oct.

Euchloe Ausonides, LARGE MARBLE, Wild Radish, Field Mustard, Black Mustard. 22 Apr. Rare on Albany Hill, only 5 on lower east slope.

Colias Eurytheme, ALFALFA BUTERFLY, Black Medic, Burr Clover, Alfalfa, Vetches, and Trefoils. 22 May/ 18 Sept. Scarce in ’95’


Strymon Melinus Pudicus, COMMON GRAY HAIRSTREAK, Malvaceae, Fabaceae, Eared Buckwheat. 1 May/22 May/21 Aug. Not common on Albany Hill.

Celastrina Argiolus Echo, ECHO BLUE, buds, flowers, berries, and pods of Toyon, Elderberry, Acacias, Cotoneasters, and California Buckeye. 1 May/June/5 Jul

Glaucopsyche Lygdamus Incognita, SILVERY BLUE, Vetches, Trefoils, Burr Clover, Lupine. 20 Mar/ 3 Apr. Univoltine–short adult flight season.

Icaricia Acmon, ACMON BLUE, Trefoils, Clovers, Eared Buckwheat. 5 July/21 Aug. Rare on Albany Hill.


Agraulis Vanillae Incarnata, GULF FRITILLARY, No hosts on Albany Hill. Observed on east and north slopes, flying through neighborhood Passion Vines. 3, 25 Apr./28 Aug.

Phyciodes Mylitta, MYLITTA CRESCENT, Italian Thistle, Bull Thistle, Sow Thistle. 6 June/ July / 28 Aug.

Polygonia Satyrus, SATYR ANGLE-WING, Stinging Nettle, other Urticaceae. No hosts on Albany Hill plant list, adults on w.slope, n.slope near Creek 11Feb/27May

Nymphalis Antiopa, MOURNING CLOAK, Arroyo Willow, neighborhood Elms, 20 Mar./10 Apr. Overwintered hibernants.

Vanessa Virginiensis, VIRGINIA LADY, Everlastings, Cudweeds. 25 Apr./May/21 Aug.

Vanessa Cardui, PAINTED LADY, Italian. Bull, and Sow Thistles. 20 Mar./Apr/22 May. More common in migratory years.

Vanessa Annabella, WEST COAST LADY, Bull Mallow, Cretan Lavatera, Checker-Bloom Mallow. 1 Jan./Feb., Mar., Apr., May, July, Sep., Oct./13 Nov. 21, Dec.

Vanessa Atalanta Rubria, RED ADMIRAL, Nettles, Baby Tears.May use Pellitary 1 Jan./Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, Aug, Sept/13 Nov/21 Dec ’95’.

Junonia Coenia, BUCKEYE, English Plantain, Common Plantain. Very common on Albany Hill. 20 Mar./ May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct./6 Nov.

Basilarchia Lorquini, LORQUIN’S ADMIRAL, Arroyo Willow, Cherry, & Plum Tree. 22 Apr./May/14 Aug.


Coenonympha California, CALIFORNIA RINGLET, Wild Oats, Wild Rye, Bromes, Fescues. Scarce on Albany Hill. Not much Grassland, 22 Apr/May/14 Aug.


Danaus Plesippus, MONARCH, None of its Milkweed on Albany Hill (nor is it wanted)       1 Jan/Feb, Mar, Apr. /22May–last from winter aggregations. 28 Aug (earliest arrival of “new” migrants), Sept, Oct, Nov, /21 Dec. ’95’