Dr. Richard Beidleman
Dr. Richard Beidleman, biologist, Albany Hill bird expert

Friends of Albany Hill began documenting bird lists in 1994, with the assistance of Dr. Richard Beidleman, retired Professor of Biology at Colorado College. During his tenure as a volunteer Research Associate at the Jepson Herbaria at U.C. Berkeley, Dr. Beidleman divided his time between El Cerrito and Pacific Grove, and returned to Colorado in the summer months, where he had been on the Board of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.

Dr. Beidleman presented a lecture at the Albany Library in 1998, on Bird Diversity — more than 40 species — which winter in Albany Hill’s distinctive habitats, with some interesting features of their behavior, including tidbits about the invasion of European Urban birds on Eucalyptus forests “Down Under” and what happens when favorite haunts are destroyed. A torrent of rain did not deter the full house audience from attending.

Dr. Beidleman, died on August 20, 2014 at his home in Pacific Grove at age 91. His boundless energy, enthusiasm, and great sense of humor inspired Friends of Albany Hill to be better stewards and advocates for our own natural world and our urban nature preserve, Albany Hill.

Dr. Beidleman’s 1994-1995 Bird Notes

Urban Nature Preserve II

Ralph Pericoli Albany Hill birding group photo
Ralph Pericoli Albany Hill birding group

Birds of Albany Hill – Pericoli